RIVERDALE - A Riverdale police officer is being lauded for preventing a person from committing suicide.

Sgt. Greg Bogert was responding to a call of a person standing in the middle of I-287 near the Hamburg Turnpike.

“When I pulled up, he was in front of traffic. He had that look of distress, and I just thought this isn’t good,” Bogert says.

When the sergeant got out of his car, the man ran toward the overpass and tried to jump off. Bogert was able to stop him and prevented him from jumping over the ledge.

“I really thought I wasn’t going to catch him at one point,” Bogert says. “I just kept yelling ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it.’”

The rescue was caught on the police cruiser’s dashboard camera.

Bogert’s colleagues have congratulated him on the save and have commented on how fast he was able to react to save the man.

“One of the guys posted a picture of Flash Gordon on my locker already,” Bogert says.

The man has been hospitalized. Police did not immediately confirm his identity or where he was from. Officials say the only thing he told Bogert was that he had lost his family and wanted to take his life.