RINGWOOD - A Ringwood police officer who survived being knocked down by a falling tree spoke exclusively with News 12 New Jersey about the incident.

Officer Douglas Faber is now recovering at home after the incident last week. Around 5:30 a.m. Friday, he received a call about a branch blocking the Greenwood Lake Turnpike. Upon arrival, he noticed the branch sitting on top of wires.

"I was bent over looking at the tree branch, just trying to figure out how I can yank it off the line. Then I hear this loud pop," Faber says. "It took me half a second to realize there was a tree coming at me and that was the 'uh-oh' moment."

At first, Faber didn’t feel much blood where he was hit and thought he was OK. A couple seconds later, more blood began trickling down and he realized the situation was worse than he first thought.

Faber miraculously walked out of the hospital with 13 stitches to his head and a fractured wrist. The next time he gets a call about a downed branch, Faber says he might just take a helmet.

Faber has been with the police department for almost eight years. He is also the chief of the volunteer fire department, which he has served for 14 years.