ALLENTOWN - As horse racing season reaches its peak in New Jersey, one farm is going above and beyond to make riding a reality for those who might never have a chance.

Riding High Farm in Allentown is dedicated to special needs riders. Young and old riders with both physical and cognitive disabilities can come to the farm to ride horses.

"An autistic child can't connect with another human being, but this animal is different,” Robyn Struz, of Riding High Farm, says. “They're allowed to be themselves and the horse doesn't judge them.”

"They build a special bond, you can see it,” says Jessica Shenski, a riding instructor at the farm. “These horses know 'this kid brings me treats’ and they connect.”

While the bond between horse and rider is paramount, there's another connection with the parents of the riders.

"He comes here every week since he was 7,” says Judi Whyte of her son. “He has a great rapport with the horses, and I am so comfortable and thrilled that he has been riding.”