RIDGEWOOD - Police are looking for a man who slashed a teen walking home from school in Ridgewood Wednesday.

Students from Ridgewood High School are now walking in pairs and have been told to be aware of their surroundings. "A lot of things have been happening around here," says senior Karly Grant. "It's scary."

Police say the attack happened as the teen walked home for lunch on Walthery Avenue, a few blocks from the high school. He told police a man started following him, then grabbed his backpack from behind, knocking him to the ground. The attacker then grabbed a knife and slashed the teen multiple times.

The teen managed to break free and ran home. He later went back to school and told administrators, who contacted police. The attacker could not be found.

"I was just really surprised, because stuff like this doesn't really happen around here that much," says senior Jason Pagotaisidro. "I really hope they find who did it."

The teen was treated and released from the hospital. Police did not release his age or where on his body he was slashed.