RIDGEWOOD - Drivers in Ridgewood generally have a tough time finding a parking spot. When they find one, most say they're diligent about feeding the meter they park next to.

Police say even a full meter wasn't stopping one parking officer from writing tickets. After a month-long investigation, they charged 29-year-old Christopher Foxon, of Garfield, with tampering with official documents, for writing tickets on meters that had not expired.

Ridgewood police say that after he would write a ticket, he wouldn't put it on the windshield of the car the ticket was issued for. He would put it in his own pocket, meaning drivers never even knew they got a ticket. Police say he would then make up excuses later to have some of them dismissed.

Police do not yet know how many fake tickets Foxon wrote or how many are still pending. They say it will take at least another month to sort through the paperwork. They also say Foxon did not have a quota to meet.