RIDGEWOOD - Ridgewood officials say that they want their stolen street signs back and they are giving the thieves a chance to do it, no questions asked.

The manager of the Bergen County village is issuing a town-wide amnesty. If signs are returned to a police station by Sept. 15, the thefts will not be punished.

Ridgewood police don't know exactly who is stealing the signs, but the consensus in the village is that it is the work of high school or college students. Officials say this has been an ongoing issue in Ridgewood for years.

Road crews tell News 12 New Jersey they've tried to make it more difficult to take the signs off the street poles, but sometimes the thieves steal the pole entirely.

The Ridgewood sign shop has been busy remaking all the stolen signs. 

If the thieves are caught after the amnesty, they could face up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.