LAWRENCEVILLE - Students at Rider University in Lawrenceville say that they are disappointed after finding out the school plans to eliminate over a dozen majors due to budget cuts.

The cuts mean that many freshmen and sophomores will not be able to complete the programs that they have started, and will instead have to choose new ones. The cuts are expected to save about $2 million. The majors affected include art, certain foreign languages, and some businesses and science majors.

The decision is not sitting well with students at all.

“I’ve already taken music classes that they’ve told me won’t be able to transfer,” says freshman Josh Gardner. “If I transfer, I’ll have to start over as a freshman again.”

Some of the students met with Rider University President Gregory Dell’Omo in a closed door meeting Tuesday. However, the students tell News 12 New Jersey that they left the meeting disappointed.

“This is terrible for the university,” says senior Alejandra Montan. “I don’t know how proud I’m going to be to say that I’m a Bronc, I’m an alum from Rider University.”

University officials say that the reason for the cuts is monetary. Rider University’s enrollment has dropped 9 percent over the past five years, which adds to the financial problems.

“The enrollment challenges, the cost challenges, and the affordability issue is all playing into what you can actually provide,” says President Dell’Omo. “You simply can’t be everything to everybody anymore.”

About 125 freshmen and sophomores will lose their degree programs in the cut, while upper-classmen will be able to complete their curriculums. The university currently has about 3,700 undergraduate students.