ATLANTIC CITY - The owner of the former Revel casino is criticizing New Jersey state officials over delays to reopen the casino.

Glenn Straub says the state's corrupt politics are slowing him down and he may have to walk away from the casino.

“It’s only that the politically controlled people of this state are so backwards and that's why everybody tells you, ‘Mr. Straub, watch yourself in New Jersey,’” he says.

Straub says that he’s waiting on a permit to operate from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Florida developer says state investigators have vetted Straub thoroughly and even visited his home state.

“They spend less than four hours there and they say, ‘Where's Nikki Beach?’ Are you kidding me?” says Straub.

Revel was supposed to reopen June 15. Straub says that for every month the casino stays dark, he loses $1 million.

The tentative new opening date is Oct. 1. Straub says that he has big plans for the casino space, including a ropes course. The course is one of the issues that may be slowing down the process. The CRDA says the agency needs to investigate safety issues and how this course might affect traffic patterns.

Some Atlantic City visitors say they are not optimistic about the new casino.

“It didn't work the first time, I sincerely don't believe it will work this time,” says Regina Bednar. “I didn't like it didn't like the machines, didn't care for it at all.”

Straub says that if he doesn’t get the permits he needs by late September, he may have to shut the project down.

Once the Trump Taj Mahal casino closes in October, only seven casinos will remain in Atlantic City.