KEANSBURG - A retired police chief from Monmouth County who almost lost his job because of misconduct accusations has been promoted to borough manager.

After stepping down as the police chief in Keansburg, Raymond O?Hare still receives his pension in addition to his new salary as borough manager. He now makes almost $250,000 a year. In 2002, he was suspended and brought up on administrative charges including bribery, witness tampering, tampering with public records and official misconduct. An administrative law judge recommended that O?Hare be fired. George Hoff, the deputy mayor, says O?Hare?s knowledge of Keansburg made him an obvious choice to fill the position. Hoff says the Kane In Your Corner investigation is simply trying to stir up controversy. Michael Riccards, who runs the Hall Institute of Public Policy, says O?Hare?s rehiring sends a terrible message.