FORDS - Unless you happen to run a ski resort, a major storm hitting the day before Valentine's Day isn't welcome news to most businesses.

Florists and restaurants are scrambling to make arrangements despite the threatening forecast.

Forever Flowers florist Jim Walker is preparing for his busiest day of the year, and now he's racing an approaching winter storm to make those deliveries.

"A lot of what would go out tomorrow is going to get pushed to Friday," Walker says. "We'll have more help on Friday but it's going to slow everything down. Everyone's going to have to be a little more patient waiting for their flowers."

He hopes customers are understanding, and says he will try to get every order delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Main Street Trattoria owner Tom Mezzetti is taking reservations for Valentine's dinner on Friday night. He says most of the food will be delivered to the restaurant in Metuchen by Wednesday so the Valentine's Day menu shouldn't be affected. Mezzetti hopes couples will be looking to get out after yet another snow storm.

"Love is going to be bigger than any storm," Mezzetti says. "And any gentlemen that postpones it longer than Saturday is probably going to be in trouble."