OCEAN TOWNSHIP - Members of the Ocean Township community are worried that efforts to clean up a radioactive spill in Oyster Creek could actually be making matters worse for the township.

The radioactive leak was first detected at the plant in 2009. Water tainted with tritium, a cancer-causing material, leaked out of a pipe. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) told Exelon, the owner of the plant, to pump out the contaminated water from the ground, dilute it with water and send it back into Oyster Creek.

The state says doing so would reduce the tritium to safe, undetectable levels. Ocean Township Mayor Joseph Lachawiec, however, says the project should have never started without public input.

Residents now want a public meeting with officials from the township, Exelon and the DEP to answer their questions. The mayor says he's had a difficult time scheduling a date for the meeting. The DEP tells News 12 New Jersey it will coordinate the meeting.