HIGHLAND PARK - New Jersey is about to get hit with yet another blast of winter, this time in the form of snow, ice and sleet.

Residents are expected to face some major headaches on the roads, rails and even at home. 

Those in Highland Park have seen multiple outages in recent weeks and are expecting to face the same struggles with Wednesday's storm.

The previous outages weren't weather-related, but temperatures were just as cold. Snow that remains on tree limbs and utility lines from Monday, is expected to combine with Wednesday's precipitation and could spell disaster for power companies.

"It's actually worrying me a lot," says Jenny Swido. "We have a lot of trees down now, and its going to be freezing, so we'll probably have some problems."

Utility companies say they are preparing for the worst with extra crews and equipment.

Power companies are reminding customers to stay away from downed power lines and to call authorities and their utility company.