BARRIER ISLANDS - Residents of New Jersey's barrier islands say that the crumbling bulkheads still not repaired since Superstorm Sandy, are causing dangerous conditions for Jersey Shore boaters.

Gianna Scalera, of Brick, tells News 12 New Jersey that her family made it a priority to purchase a home with a new bulkhead. Her neighbors across the lagoon by her house have an old one, and part of their backyard is caving in.

In the Silver Beach section of Toms River, more of the bulkheads are crumbling. Parts are warped and the wood has rotted and become unstable.

Anthony Appio, a licensed captain, says the sand and dirt piled up on the sides of the lagoon from the collapsing properties are making the water too shallow for boats.

Putting up new bulkhead costs approximately $100 a foot. Insurance typically does not cover them.

New environmental standards could make the repairs more expensive as they need to be made from recycled plastic and not wood.

Property owners are responsible for making repairs to their section of the bulkhead.