WEST MILFORD - Storms Island residents in West Milford are questioning the decision by the Greenwood Lake Commission denying the plan to build a pedestrian bridge between the island and the other side of the lake.

Documents show that the last bridge was built by Steve DeFeo, who happens to be the chairman of the lake commission.

DeFeo, who owns the local marina, charged the commission $30,000-40,000 to rent the floating docks to build the last bridge.

Residents say the deal is questionable since DeFeo was the only bidder, and that the price was far too high.

DeFeo says his bid was so low last time that he didn't even make a profit.

Residents say they will present their issue at the next West Milford town meeting, but the town officials say they don't want to get involved in this fight.

Storms Island residents may find themselves stranded