WALL TOWNSHIP - Lawn signs have been posted throughout a neighborhood off New Bedford Road in Wall Township that read, "Stop the Noise! Stop the Trucks!"

Residents say they aren't happy about commercial trucks rolling through their residential roads.

They say the trucks that pick up trees and shrubs from the adjacent CLC Farms are too large and too loud for the otherwise quiet community.

"There's issues with 18-wheelers coming down a residential neighborhood," says neighbor William Kenneally. "There are no sidewalks so kids play in the street."

The signs also say "Save Our Pond," which refers to Osborne Pond. Residents worry fertilizers from the farm could be polluting the waterway.

CLC Farms did not respond to News 12 New Jersey's request for comment.

The business has filed for protection under the Right to Farm Act, which would allow commercial farming in a residential zone. The outcome of the filing is pending.