EWING TOWNSHIP - Cleanup has begun in Ewing as investigators focus on the damaged gas line from Tuesday's explosion that destroyed parts of a townhouse complex and killed a resident.

Many who had watched television coverage of the massive blast at the South Fork community came to the scene to see the damage for themselves. Some former residents like Larry and Cathy Driver came back to see what happened to the place they once called home.

The couple has friends who live there and escaped unharmed, which to them is miraculous. "I hear gas explosions at times, but to the multitude that this is, it's really amazing," said Larry Driver.

Angela Forchi also lived there and saw her former home boarded up. "I feel bad for a lot of people who lost their homes."

Current homeowners came back to find out what was left of their homes. Jo Carolyn Dent hadn't seen the damage herself until Thursday. Her neighbor, 62-year-old Linda Cerritelli, was killed.

"For it to happen so quickly it's like in an instant your life is gone," said Dent.

The mayor of Ewing says reconstruction at the site will be a long process, and PSE&G says it's committed to helping.

Many still wonder whether anyone living nearby called 911 complaining about gas, and whether those calls were taken seriously.