NEWARK - Police evacuated a senior housing complex following a report that an armed man had barricaded himself inside a building.

Police were called to the Stephen Crane apartments just after noon Tuesday. Witnesses say an altercation between two men on the sixth floor of 60 Cedar Lane resulted in at least one man being stabbed or shot. A second man was thought to be held up inside the building.

SWAT teams arriving at the scene evacuated residents and searched the entire building but did not find a suspect.

Police have not released information on any suspects or injuries.

Residents were allowed back into their homes at around 4 p.m.

This is the second time in recent days that there has been an incident at the complex. Last week a woman fell to her death from a 10th story window in the building next door.

Newark police would not elaborate on what happened today, saying only that it is part of an ongoing investigation.