NEWARK - Neighbors of 60 South 12th St. in Newark say the home has gone to the birds, literally.

Residents surrounding the house called News 12 New Jersey to report that their neighbor has been collecting dozens of birds and they are beginning to worry about their health.

They say they have to cover their noses when they are outside due to the smell surrounding the home. They also complain about flies and rodents.

"It's like death. Something dead," says Ann Willis who lives nearby. "It's horrible."

"I can't even cook out in my backyard. That is horrible," says Wanda Sherrer, another neighbor.

The neighbors say the first floor apartment of the home is filled with pigeons; dozen of them, collected by Ewa Lee, the tenant. Lee supposedly uses the apartment as a giant birdhouse.

The upstairs neighbor, who did not want to give out her name, says the situation is damaging the health of her children.

"My kids are getting sick from it. My daughter had a sinus infection for a month and I couldn't understand," she says.

A representative from the city supposedly came to the home to check it out and found dead birds, rodents and feces in dozens of back trash bags on the sidewalk and in the empty lot next door, according to neighbors.

The home's landlord tells News 12 New Jersey he only learned of the matter two weeks ago, however neighbors say they've been complaining for more than a year.

Newark's Division of Environmental Health is investigating the matter and is reportedly coming up with a plan to remove the birds.