BELMAR - Residents met tonight in Belmar to discuss what will be rebuilt and what will forever remain a memory after the devastation of Sandy.

Construction is taking place on a new boardwalk. The famed Belmar boardwalk was completely wiped out by the storm.

Town officials have been making plans all winter about the future of the shore town, right down to what type of wood will be used for the new boardwalk.

They've vowed that the boardwalk will reopen in time for the summer tourism season.

The council declared parts of Belmar rehab and redevelopment zones. That includes the boardwalk area along Ocean Avenue

Mayor Matt Doherty says that by declaring Belmar a zone for rehab and redevelopment, he can give residents and businesses a tax break so they won't get hit with taxes while repairs are being made

Belmar also will be able to negotiate directly with private developers to rebuild shorefront pavilions and concessions faster with their own money.