CLIFFWOOD BEACH - Some residents of the Cliffwood Beach section of Aberdeen say that they want surveillance cameras destroyed by Superstorm Sandy to be put back up after the murder of a young man.

Billy Karecki, 22, was shot and killed two weeks ago in a parking lot between Whale Creek and the sand dunes. He was shot nine times. His sister Rebecca believes surveillance cameras could have helped police solve the crime.

"Of course they couldn't have stopped this," she says, "But cameras definitely could have helped us find out who did this and it would give our family a little bit of closure."

There once was a camera in the area where Karecki was murdered. A new pole was put up after the storm, but the camera was never replaced. Now more than 550 people have signed an online petition to bring the cameras back.

Aberdeen Police Chief John Powers says that he's working to bring in a more elaborate surveillance system with several video cameras.

"I think there's certainly a deterrent factor. We're willing to work with whatever resources we have to deter someone and catch someone in the act if possible," Chief Powers says.

However, some residents are not in favor of the increased security and say that they think their privacy will be compromised.

Rebecca Karecki says having the tools to help solve crimes is more important.

Monmouth County Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder.