IRVINGTON - Seniors at an apartment complex in Irvington say they have had inconsistent or no heat for weeks.

Residents at the Irvington Senior Apartments say heat has not been a regular fixture in the building since Thanksgiving, and the last few nights have been very cold.

They also say that a pipe burst in the building, which resulted in flooding.

"We are cold. We're senior citizens. We shouldn't be treated like this," says resident Beverly Hurst. "In our contract, it says heat and hot water. We haven't been getting it."

James Carmichael, the head of Affordable Housing Management, the company that owns the building, says rooms in the building are monitored daily to make sure they are at or above 68 degrees, which is New Jersey's standard.

Carmichael added that 98-percent of the units are getting heat, and some apartments are being worked on.

He also said portable heaters were given to some of the seniors.

However, the seniors say they have to pay for the electricity themselves and some can't afford the increased billing.