BRICK - Homeowners living along Barnegat Bay may get a break from Hermine if the storm continues tracking away from the coastline.

However, hurricane season is always stressful, especially since some of the residents are still rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy. 

While it was sunny with light winds on Sunday, the full-time residents are fully aware and very concerned over what could happen over the next few days as Hermine pushes closer to the area.

Many of the houses around the lagoons in the area suffered 3 to 4 feet of flooding from Superstorm Sandy. As a result, many residents raised their homes.

Don Fraser's home sits at the end of one of the lagoons and he knows exactly what can happen.

"The water will push in from the constant wind. The easterly wind will push all the water into the back bays. And will not leave when the tide goes out. So the water will come up and keep coming up," he says.

Residents are also planning to move their cars to higher ground just in case the water spills over.