POINT PLEASANT - Lifeguards, divers and EMS crews converged on the jetty in Point Pleasant to train for a rescue.  

They took their orders from Chet Nesley, the chief diver for Point Pleasant First Aid, then scattered and began searching. 

They worked under the scenario that four people were missing in the jetty after their boat crashed heading into the inlet. 

"We want them to get comfortable climbing down into a confined space," says Jerry Meaney. "It can be one or two people wide."
The jetty is a popular spot for fishermen but it's incredibly dangerous because it is slippery and steep. EMS says people do fall.  During Irene, two people died. "Two cousins came down to see what a hurricane looked like and they got washed off the jetty," Nesley says.

In Thursday's drill, all the victims were found but it wasn't easy. One was so well hidden it took 35 minutes to find her and get her out safely on a backboard.  

The divers also performed a water rescue just to keep sharp.

Point Pleasant lifeguards have made 15 water rescues since Memorial Day.