DUMONT - Dozens of rescued animals from flood-ravaged Louisiana have been brought to New Jersey to find new homes.

Officials say 40 puppies and five cats were driven the more than 1,300 miles to the Garden State. 

The animals had been in two shelters down South where they faced the prospect of being euthanized, if not for the effort of several rescue groups who brought them to Dumont. 

Most of the cats and dogs are scheduled to be placed in foster homes, and some have already been pre-adopted. 

Tommy Carson with Happy Tails Transport drove the animals for 19 hours and says it was worth the trip.

"That's the part we do it for," Carson says. "Knowing we had a part in saving a life and knowing they'll be adopted up here."

Not all of the animals have been linked with foster families yet, so some of the dogs will stay at a boarding house in New York while they await adoption.

Those dogs will get their permanent homes through Pet Rescue Inc.