RIDGEFIELD PARK - A Bergen County veterinary hospital is responding to allegations of animal abuse and neglect after dozens of German shepherds were taken from the facility during a raid Sunday.

The SPCA says animals were found crammed in cages in the hospital's basement and others were wondering around the property.

Edison Davalos, a vet tech at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital, says the accusations are untrue. He offered News 12 New Jersey a tour of the facility, including the basement and the yard.

Davalos disputes claims that 40 German shepherds were packed into small, dirty kennels. "The crates are big. Really big enough for those puppies," he says.

The employee says he is passionate about German shepherds and the owner of the hospital, Dr. Paul Kim, has allowed him to house rescued dogs until he finds new homes for them.

Six of the dogs seized were his and five belonged to others, Davalos says. He surrendered the remaining 29, which were taken to the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

Davalos says he believes authorities were responding to a bogus tip from a disgruntled woman who wanted to adopt one of the rescued dogs but was turned down.

The animal hospital has been closed down as a result of the raid and Davalos says employees have been harassed. He says he has no choice but to put an end to the rescue efforts.