TRENTON - While their seats aren't up for election until next year, Congressman Leonard Lance (R-District 7) and Congressman Steve Rothman (D-District 9) visited their home districts today to push for voter support.

In Westfield, Lance was joined by Republican state lawmakers to rail against taxes. With trillion dollar annual deficits and debt, both Republicans and Democrats want to seem financially responsible.

Rothman, however, says GOP tax breaks and a plan to replace Medicare are irresponsible. He slammed the Republican plan for Medicare at a lunchtime roundtable in Fair Lawn.The biggest fight could be whether Congress should extend the nation's debt ceiling. Doing so, allows the country to rack up more debt, but not doing it could force the country to default on its loans.

Lance says no to raising the debt ceiling, while Rothman thinks that it can rise as long as reforms are made.