EDISON - Many viewers have been calling the News 12 New Jersey news desk to find out more about a fighter jet they saw overhead.

News 12 New Jersey has placed calls to the National Guard, Secret Service and the FAA.

An FAA spokesperson says we may never know why the aircraft was flying low in New Jersey since military aircraft fly their own missions and only come in contact with the FAA when landing at a commercial airport.

The FAA says the aircraft can roam the airspace at various altitudes for a host of reasons, many of which remain classified. The FAA also says that there is no way to find out if the aircraft originated from New Jersey since there are so many aviation operations in the region, including McGuire Air Force Base, the National Guard in Atlantic City and other military bases that share the airspace.

A Gillette Township official says that his best guess is that the jet, which made a giant loop over the area, had something to do with President Barack Obama and other world leaders being at the United Nations in New York. He says the aircraft was flying low and fast.