TRENTON - Reports indicate that there have been 120 shootings in Trenton over the past six months, including two on Saturday night, one of which claimed the life of a 24-year-old.

Minister Ingram, of Universal Life Ministry, says youths are turning to violence because of the lack of positive outlets in the city.

"These kids want somebody to help them better themselves, but there's no opportunities here,” said Ingram. “There's no jobs. The housing is a disgrace with the slum landlords and you got a government that doesn't see their needs."

Many Trenton residents point to the layoff of 108 police officers in September 2011 as a reason for the violence in the area.

To help curb violence, the city is developing a “safe box” where people can drop off tips and information on anything from gun violence to abuse to theft.

Residents say they hope this small effort will help, but more needs to be done.