CHESTER TOWNSHIP - A low-flying plane in Morris County caused a scare Tuesday evening, bringing about a large emergency response.

According to Chester Township police, several people called 911 just before 5 p.m. to report a low-flying plane near Pleasant Hill Road and the Black River Wildlife Management Area. The witnesses reported seeing a small biplane flying very low near the Black River and then disappearing from view.

Chester Township police responded to the area. Witnesses told officers that the plane did not appear to show any signs of engine problems but they were concerned.

Emergency crews immediately came out to search for any sign of a distressed plane. Chester Township was assisted by the New Jersey State Police Aviation Unit, The Morris County Park Police, Morris County OEM and the NJ State Forest Fire Service. None of the crews found any type of wreckage.

All area airports also reported that all of their planes were accounted for. Investigators determined that it was a false alarm.