EDISON - A new report found that New Jersey Transit trains have a high rate of breakdowns, and commuters say they are not surprised by the news.

The National Transit Database released a report that found that in 2014, NJ Transit trains failed four times more than the national average.

Oscar Rimolo commutes to Manhattan every day. He moved closer to the Secaucus Junction because he thought it would be an eight­-minute train ride. "Sometimes I feel like I can walk there faster than taking a train," says Rimolo.

NJ transit officials say, "Due to the fundamental and dramatic differences between rail systems, one cannot make fair and accurate comparisons between systems."

News of the transit troubles comes on the heels that the state's transportation trust fund is expected to run out by the end of June. So far, no plans to replenish it have been announced.

"Unless the governor has some kind of money machine where he's manufacturing money in the basement of the State House, we are not going to be able to replenish that fund without raising gas tax," says Sen. Loretta Weinberg. "That's just the way it is."