HIGHLANDS - Mechanical problems were a major factor in the SeaStreak Ferry crash earlier this month in Manhattan, according to federal investigators.

The ferry, named Wall Street, neared the end of its second trip of the day from Highlands to New York City as it approached Pier 11 on Jan. 9.

According to the NTSB report, the ship master attempted to transfer control from the ship's center propulsion console to starboard. The ship did not respond and the vessel's right-side hull struck the dock.

There were 83 injuries, one severe, out of the 326 passengers on board the Wall Street.

According to the report, the vessel underwent modifications to its main engines and propulsion arrangement in Feb. 2012. It returned to service in July 2012. The investigation is also focusing on the condition of the waterway and the health of the crew at the time of the crash.

The Coast Guard conducted drug and alcohol testing of all crew members. Alcohol tests were negative. The results of the drug tests are pending.