SEASIDE PARK - One of the businesses destroyed in the Seaside Park boardwalk fire failed a key inspection, according to a report released Thursday.

Kohr's Frozen Custard failed an inspection of its electrical meter and some equipment in March, and an Asbury Park Press investigation finds there's no record of the shop ever passing after Sandy.

Authorities say there's no connection between the failed inspection and last month's fire. The prosecutor concluded the cause was Sandy-corroded wiring in an inaccessible area under the boardwalk.

The report raises questions about how the ice cream shop was open all summer without the proper approval.

Biscayne Candies, which was under the same roof as Kohr's, did pass its electrical inspection. Kohr's was leasing space from that business. An attorney for Kohr's says his client was not involved with the inspections as a renter and that it was the responsibility of his landlord.

Boardwalk visitors say it doesn't matter who was at fault. "It's a sad thing that someone made a mistake and opened up without the inspection, but right now the most important thing is getting this place opened up again for the folks and get the economy flowing again,” says Tom Jones, of Whiting.