OAKLAND - Snow-fighting methods are becoming depleted after multiple bouts with winter weather this season, taking a major toll on municipal budgets and store inventories.

Town and county governments are blowing through their snow budgets, and anyone looking to buy a new shovel might be out of luck.

Bergen County Department of Public Works employees are working hard to load salt trucks and tune up plows for another winter blast. 

So far this winter, Bergen County has used up half of its snow removal budget. The director says they will likely have to shuffle money around to make sure roads stay clear.

"Up until [Monday], the budget was on schedule," says Joe Crifasi. "Line items in our budget might have to get changed. We're pretty strategically-minded that we'll find the money, but never compromise safety."

Meanwhile, with New Jersey getting repeatedly pelted with snow, stores are having a tough time keeping the essentials in stock. The Home Depot in Hackensack was out of salt, sand and shovels Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of Oakland schools says the district has already used up its three built-in snow days. If there are any more, they will start taking time away from spring break.