HOBOKEN - Many Super Bowl fans say they'll be watching the game this year, but not from their New Jersey homes.

Homeowners are renting out rooms, apartments and houses for Super Bowl XLVIII weekend, asking anywhere from $200 to $2,000 on sites like Craigslist.

Sherri and Anthony Alimondo want to rent out their Hoboken home to some of the nearly half millions fans expected to come to the area for a chance to enjoy what New Jersey has to offer.

"All the activities are going to be here," says Sherri Alimondo, "so New Jersey and Hoboken are really working together to create a wonderful environment for people that are coming to the Super Bowl."

Their home has two bedrooms and a large backyard. It could easily house a family or group of friends and is one of 18 Hoboken homes listed on Super Bowl Rentalz.com. One of the main selling points is walking access to the Hoboken Terminal, where trains will run directly to MetLife Stadium.

"Access to Manhattan if they choose to go, is a ferry ride or a train ride," says Anthony Alimondo.

After Sunday's conference championships, the race to rent will really be on and prices could rise.

The Alimondos hope to use the rental money to go on a nice vacation.