HIGHLANDS - A historic discovery was made underneath a home in Monmouth County when a family discovered remnants of an old boat.

The Scanlon family was in the process of getting one of their cottages raised when the discovery was made. The Highlands residents were affected by Superstorm Sandy and were finally able to get the homes raised.

Tuesday morning, while crews were working on the home, they found the remains of a boat believed to date back to the 1800s.

Eileen Scanlon says that in 2009, she had an inspector look at the property and saw the rudder of the boat. She says that she figured it was a small rowboat, not the 50-feet long boat that was found.

"What absolutely amazed us was that the boat was the foundation, the edges of the wall were coming down and being supported by this boat,” Scanlon says.

The family says they are not sure how the boat got underground, but they believe that it’s been there since the 1920s.

The boat’s remnants have been removed. The panels were cut, but the rudder was preserved.

Scanlon says that she may use the old wood to make a floor or garden. She has also reached out to the local museums and some universities to find out more information about the boat.