EAST ORANGE - Police have identified remains found Wednesday morning in East Orange. The body of Denise Ramsey, 33, was discovered in an empty lot.

Denise Ramsey's sister, Arlene Ramsey, had filed a missing persons report during the first week of January, but none of her friends had seen her since early December. Her body was identified by tattoos, police say. She had been violently stabbed countless times and her remains were lying by a mattress. Forensic teams gathered evidence from where the body was found, officials say.

For six weeks, Arlene Ramsey had taken it upon herself to find her sister, visiting the Irvington go-go club where Denise once worked. People at the club say they hadn't seen Denise Ramsey since November.

Ramsey says, "I want them to be caught. Because you took away my sister?she has family that cares about her. That loves her. You took my sister." She says she's hoping that phone records she provided to investigators will yield clues that could help find her sister's killer.