NORTH BERGEN - The Red Cross is working to find homes for the 60 families left homeless after a North Bergen fire.

Fire officials say the flames broke out at a high-rise on Kennedy Boulevard Saturday night. Investigators say the electrical fire started on the top floor.

On Sunday, displaced residents were able to return to their homes to try and salvage what few belongings survived.

Esther Forman says she lost everything in the blaze. "What you see is what I got. This is borrowed, this is all I have," she says. "Everything was soaking wet from the water coming down."

Forman has renters insurance, but says not everyone is as fortunate.

The township is still deciding if the building needs to be torn down. Meanwhile, the Red Cross is working with the township's health department and local relief agencies to help those families. Donations are being collected at Our Lady of Fatima Church at 82nd and Kennedy.