ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - As Tropical Storm Hermine could potentially impact New Jersey, American Red Cross volunteers are preparing for the worst.

Red Cross volunteer Jodi Bocco says that she is ready to assist if needed. Bocco has an important jobs with the organization as a disaster mental health volunteer.

Bocco was recently on the frontline in Louisiana helping people affected by the devastating floods. She says that being prepared to deal with a disaster is more than buying supplies on a checklist.

"It was quite difficult for them not just mentally and emotionally, but financially because they weren't in a flood zone," Bocco says.

Bocco says that in regards to Hermine, if New Jersey residents are prepared, they are going to be less anxious.

"Give yourself the tools to give yourself peace of mind," she says.

New jersey Red Cross Communications Director Diane Concannon says the Red Cross could be mobilized if Hermine greatly impacts the Eastern seaboard.