RED BANK - Residents in Red Bank stuck inside because of the blizzard say they're looking forward to curing their cabin fever with some New Year's Eve fun, but hope their plans won't be foiled by the piles of snow.

After four days of being cooped up, many New Jersey residents say they hope getting out on New Year's Eve will be a cure for cabin fever."Running out of food, running out of energy, keeping everybody going inside?So got to get out, get sunlight and some fresh air," Valerie Ryan, of Jackson, says.

Others say they're staying close for New Year's.

Meanwhile, Red Bank business owners are lamenting the snow's impact on business this holiday week.

Salon owner David Levine says he's disappointed in the pace of how streets and parking lots were cleaned and that the piles of snow hurt business.

Phil Sloan, at Mr. Pizza Slice, says he had to repeatedly shovel outside in front of his shop, only to have very few, if any, customers.

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