CRANFORD - Some Cranford residents say they're shocked to hear a recording of a 2003 phone call that allegedly includes racist comments from the chief of police.

Eric Mason was Cranford's first African-American police chief. During the conversation, which was placed from the police station, Mason told his son that his new job was going well and he didn't have to kill any white people.

The audio recording recently hit YouTube. A lot of people say they have issues with the content of the conversation, but others say what's more concerning is that the recording was obtained from the police station and it wound up online. The recording hit YouTube after it was announced that Mason will become the next town administrator, leading some to claim sabotage.

Mason is out of town on vacation and was unavailable for comment. The mayor of Cranford didn't return News 12 New Jersey's calls, but tells the Cranford Patch that the re-release of the recording doesn't affect the chief's ability to be town administrator and suggests that someone has a vendetta against him.