WAYNE - A realtor is accused of keeping potential buyers out of a Wayne home so that he could use it to carry on an affair.

A lawsuit filed in Passaic County claims realtor Robert Lindsay priced a home above market value at $650,000 to minimize buyer interest so that he could carry on an affair inside the home.

Homeowners Richard and Sandra Weiner hired Lindsay to sell their home in 2011. Their lawsuit alleges that Lindsay told the Weiners to fix up the house before selling it. The Weiners agreed, and moved out while the work was being done. They say that they gave Lindsay access to the house whenever he wanted.

According to the suit, surveillance cameras set up by the Weiners captured Lindsay and the woman having sexual relations in their bedroom and around the house more than 10 times.

The lawsuit also states that Lindsay is a former instructor for the National Association of Realtors Ethics Training Program.

Coldwell Banker says it severed ties with Lindsay and his female companion in 2012. Lindsay now works for ReMax.

News 12 went to Lindsay's home to speak with him, but was told he was not home. He did not return calls.

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