NEW BRUNSWICK - Family and friends took up all 101 spots today in the Middlesex County Courthouse to show support for Dharun Ravi and Tyler Clementi's family, as Ravi received his sentence from a judge. Ravi received a 30-day jail term, a $10,000 fine and probation in the Rutgers webcam spy case.

Ravi, convicted of bias intimidation by a jury in March, used a webcam to spy on his former roommate Tyler Clementi's intimate encounter with another man. Clementi committed suicide, jumping off the George Washington Bridge, shortly after the incident.

Shortly after the sentence was handed over, the chairman of the Garden State Equality made a statement.

"We have been public in taking a position of balance: We opposed throwing the book at Dharun Ravi," said Steven Goldstein. "We have spoken out against giving him the maximum sentence of 10 years in jail and against deporting him. That would have been vengeance beyond punishment and beyond sending a message to the rest of society."

Goldstein went on to say that what happened was not a childhood prank gone awry and was not a crime without bias.

Reaction on the Rutgers University campus was mixed. Some students believe that probation would have been enough punishment, while others say Ravi was lucky to only get a 30-day sentence.

Ravi is to report to the Middlesex County jailhouse on May 31 at 9 a.m.