RIDGEWOOD - A Ridgewood neighborhood is dealing with an apparent rat infestation.

Village officials say the problem appears to be isolated to along a cul-de-sac on Bennington Terrace. One other complaint of rat activity has been reported on Howard Road.

Officials say they believe the rats, which are about 6 inches long, are feeding on bird seed and drinking water from the nearby Saddle River.

A nest was found under one of the homes.

"They're always around," says Ridgewood Health Supervisor Dawn Cetrulo. "They live underground and when you have construction, you disturb where they live - just like deer. So we've disturbed them and now they're moving on."

The Health Department has advised homeowners to remove bird feeders and water sources on their properties and to monitor any activity.

Ridgewood officials say because the rats are on private property it is the responsibility of the homeowners to deal with the infestation.