PATERSON - Dozens of people, including the rapper Fetty Wap, attended a Paterson Public Schools board meeting to show their support for suspended principal Zatiti Moody.

Eastside High School Principal Moody was placed on paid administrative leave last month after allowing Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, to film a music video inside the school. The rapper is a Paterson native, and attended that school.

“I just want to apologize to Mr. Moody,” Maxwell said. “If I disrespected anyone, I just came today to apologize.”

The music video for “Wake Up” depicted drug use and featured scantily clad women. Many felt that tie was inappropriate for the school and wondered how approval was given.

“It was approved. Mr. Moody did allow it to be done,” says P.S. 2 volunteer Gladys Santiago. “It was approved through the school system that this video was being filmed.”

Many at the meeting argued that the inappropriate aspects of the video, such as the drug use and stripper pole, were added to the video later and weren’t used inside of the school.

Maxwell said that he just wanted to inspire the class of 2016.

Many of the students tell News 12 New Jersey that Principal Moody does a lot for Paterson and they hope he will be able to hand out diplomas at graduation this year.