RANDOLPH - It has been 30 years since the wreckage of the Titanic was found and just over 103 years since the infamous cruise ship sank.

Randolph resident Charles Haas Jr. has had a lifelong fascination with the ship and was a member of the 1998 expedition to explore the wreck.

Haas is the president of the Titanic International Society and has written books on the Titanic.

He says that the highlight of his life was exploring the ship, but it also left him with a feeling of sadness.

"This ship has a tremendous melancholy about it, because you see all of these facilities designed and used for human beings and there are no human beings there," he says. "It's almost like an underwater ghost town."

About 1,500 passengers and crew died when the cruise liner sunk on its maiden voyage from England to New York in April 1912.