RAMSEY - A small theater that has been entertaining movie-goers for decades was forced to modernize or close for good.

Instead, its owners put out a plea for new projectors and fans came through. Supporters raised $125,000 in pledges, enough to remodel the 86-year-old theater and replace the projectors with new digital ones.

The owners say they weren't sure if they were going to hit their goal. "We were stuck at about $40,000 for three weeks," says Laura Rose. "And that's when we decided it was all or nothing."

A social media push and promises of free tickets, advertising and other perks for donors got them to their goal. The largest pledge was more than $15,000 from a local business.

Local dog trainer Kathy Santos pledged $2,500. "Because my son had been to so many birthday parties when he was little there," she says. "And we'd had a couple birthday parties for him there and I didn't want to lose that.'

The Ramsey theatre had closed earlier this year, outdated and in bad shape. The owners admit there's a lot of remodeling to do but they hope to reopen by Christmas.