OAKLAND - The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is hoping to find homes for two of the shelter’s most well-known dogs.

News 12 New Jersey first reported about Roscoe, a 5-year-old basset hound, and Clover, an 8-year-old corgi-Labrador mix last year when the two pups were rescued.

The pair instantly bonded and were even “married” by the shelter. The refuge was pushing to have the two dogs adopted together so that they would not be separated.

Representatives from the shelter say the two dogs have recently become more comfortable around other people and other dogs, so they can be adopted out separately.

"We have seen that they can not only be apart and be OK, but apart and thrive and continue to progress,” says adoption counselor Frannie Laurita.

The refuge says both dogs would do best if adopted by an understanding, female adult, with another dog already in the home.

Anyone interested in adopting either of the two dogs should contact the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.