WYCKOFF - The family of a dog shot and killed by a Wyckoff police officer held a rally outside City Hall Tuesday evening to demand justice.

Otto, a German Shepherd, was shot on April 29 when the officer was responding to a call. The officer accidently went to the wrong address and shot the dog after he says he was attacked.

Dozens showed up to the protest. Otto’s family say they want an apology and an investigation by the police department. They told News 12 they feel humbled by the turnout to the rally.

"Everybody wants to help and everybody kind of hates what happened," says Igor Vukobratovic, Otto’s owner.

Wyckoff's mayor said the police could handle the investigation, but added that Bergen County police have been asked to help. Requests were also made to the county prosecutor and attorney general's office.

Police have admitted the officer went to the wrong home, but said the dog attacked and latched on forcing the officer to shoot.

The family disputes that claim and say Otto has always been a well behaved dog.

The Vukobratovics have hired an attorney and say legal action is possible.