WOODBRIDGE - Not only did commuters across the state have to deal with slick roads Wednesday, but many faced flooded streets, including a stretch of Route 9 in Woodbridge.

The area between the split with Route 1 and the Woodbridge Mall was shut down at around 7 a.m., causing big delays in the area.

An elderly couple in a van got stuck there and needed to be rescued.

The water was at its highest, about 4 feet, around noon.

Standing water was a problem on other roads Wednesday morning, as clogged drains couldn't keep up with the rain and melting snow.

"What's happening is the catch basins get caught up with chunks of snow blocking it," says Patrick Kelly, of the Woodbridge Office of Emergency Management. “Until it's cleared, there's nowhere for the water to go.”

Crews are working to clear storm drains and pump water out of low-lying areas over concern that what is left will freeze when temperatures drop.