RAHWAY - A fight over a parking lot in Rahway is causing concern for some residents.

Topazza Watkins-Edmond says that due to her apartment building's rental agreement, she has been paying a monthly parking fee to her landlord. But the city of Rahway says that the parking fees should be going to the city, because the city owns the lot.

Watkins-Edmond says that her apartment at Meridia Water's edge is owned by Capodagli Properties. The landlord charges tenants different rates for parking in the garage or in spaces next to the building, she says.

However, the business manager for the city of Rahway says that the lot is a municipal lot, and money for parking should have been paid to the parking authority.

"We knew that there were parking fees to be paid, and that is what we thought we were doing," says Watkins-Edmond.

Rahway's business manager did say a company possibly charging tenants for using a public lot was a concern, and that a police investigation had been launched.

"We're caught in the crossfire," Watkins-Edmond says. "We didn't know we were doing the wrong thing because we were not told."

News 12 New Jersey reached out to the property owner, but were told that he would not be in until Monday.